Yoast SEO – Amazing SEO or Disaster – Yoast decide

Yoast is a name well known in the WordPress community and from its early roots has grown into a large and established brand in its own right.

But with a world beating reputation, is this respect well earned.

Personal experiences with Yoast SEO

Starting a web design business in the financial crash of 2008/2009 is a frightening prospect and getting your first few clients can seem a mountain that’s simply too large to climb.

Early on it was made very clear to me that the worth of me as a web designer was closely linked to my own ranking on Google. From that moment my obsession with SEO started.

Reading every article on the subject and trying out every technique was an interesting learning curve and after a few years it became easier to sort the myth from the fact.

Soon after starting my web design business I built my first WordPress site and this was when I had my first experience with Yoast SEO.

Battle of the SEO platforms

Anyone who builds websites or runs an online business will tell you that no matter the claims a top 10 listing on Google is the main goal of any page and this can mean the difference between no work and too much work.

Many SEO products over promise and under deliver. They simply are not honest or do not know how to achieve a top ten search engine position for its users.

For anyone who has studied SEO, they will tell you it’s all about competitor analysis.

Competitor analysis and why it is important

With all search engines, how they actually rank webpages is a fairly closely guarded trade secret. This is very true of Google who seem to make it their mission to continually tweak things.

But with all Search engines we can see the result of the algorithm.

By looking how these best performing pages work we can apply this logic to our own sites and with all things being equal rank in the same sort of way.

Most paid for SEO platforms and all professional SEO platforms offer this facility.

On Google outside of backlink analysis and building this is perhaps the most important aspect of SEO.

What Yoast SEO does well

With the majority of WordPress websites using Yoast SEO (including many web designers), it’s obvious that Yoast SEO is not all bad. In fact for a quick snapshot, it does keep you mind on some of the important aspects, like title tag and content. And for something free it could be said anything that works at this level is more than worth it.

What Yoast SEO is poor at

The way Yoast SEO works is by looking at the content in your editor window and page title and makes certain assumptions.

Where this approach falls short is that it means Yoast SEO is not aware of the unique features of your site, its theme layout or even how the custom fields are used.

This means on some themes, an article title may not be an h tag and SEO phrase words in custom fields and navigation are not taken into account when it offers its advice.

The upshot is you can have all green lights in Yoast SEO and have a page that is over optimised and end up getting penalised by Google.

In addition because it’s not undertaking Competitor analysis, you are not even in the same park.

Another way

For many years I have been using a couple of profession SEO products which do offer Competitor analysis and earlier this year I decided to start working on my own take of Competitor analysis SEO as a free WordPress Plugin.

The alpha version is now available and will soon be published on this website.

Please follow https://www.FaceBook.com/websitesbymark/ is you want to be notified when the Plugin is generally available.