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Bringing the 80/20 rule to SEO

Quickly ranking on search engines like Google

Html5 and the considerations for SEO

Free tools from Websites by Mark

Using on page SEO to improve your SERP’s

Using Bing and Yahoo to gain advantages on Google

Without decent key phrase research your search marketing and SEO is useless

Misunderstanding web design in a Google first world

Google may be blind, but it is not stupid

Yoast SEO – Amazing SEO or Disaster – Yoast decide

The top 10ish secrets the SEO industry does not want you knowing

Designing websites which market themselves

Responsive web design, an oxymoron for sadists

WordPress might be chicken soup for the internet but static html can still be a super-food

Google Analytics and the story of inconsistent statistics

Making life easy for Google – making your SEO more effective


Getting better search volume data from Google Adwords

Advanced use of top ten style SEO audit reports

The role of H tags in HTML5 documents and their practical application.

Why design and SEO are not natural bed fellows

The top ten method for ranking on the first page on a search engine

How to start with SEO

Social Media the Stake in SEO’s Heart

Is social media for business hype over substance?

Number of visitors to the site

Keyword use in bold body text

Top level domain of web site

Keyword use in IMG ALT attributes

Keyword use in H2-H6 headline texts

Server speed

Mentions on social sites

Keyword use in page URL

Keyword use in domain name

Keyword use in H1 headline texts

Age of web site

Keyword use in body text

Anchor texts of backlinks

Number of backlinks

Keyword use in document title

The Impact of the recent EMD update on search engine optimisation

Yell Sites, are they hell sites or are Yell Sites well SEO’d websites

Adobes Flash in the pan

The ul html tag

The caption html tag

The s html tag

The strike html tag

The cite html tag

The kbd html tag

The samp html tag

The code html tag

The dfn html tag

The strong html tag

The em html tag

The var html tag

The h6 html tag

The center html tag

The div html tag

The h5 html tag

The pre html tag

The tt html tag

The small html tag

The h4 html tag

The big html tag

The i html tag

The b html tag

The h3 html tag

The h2 html tag

The h1 html tag

The p html tag

The cost of free website builders

Are social networks really social?

MasterCard’s master plan to take over the world.

Un Social Network

Should Google Blogger off?

Marketing in a Facebook world

When our space became Myspace

The Acid test for Microsoft

Internet, Google and the price of freedom

Newspapers are dead – long live the living story

Will Yell kill off your local SEO Company?

Im going on a browser hunt, Im not scared

Apple iPad, Killer content or content Killer?

Apple to buy Google

Websites, the never ending Forth bridge.

Pop goes the Google

This time next year we will be millionaires

Accessible web design – an oxymoron

How expensive is your free marketing?

Facebook – Saint or Sinner

Taking over the Internet one site at a time

The day the internet died