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Covid-19 Scams That Are Hitting Businesses

It’s not a surprise for the more cynical among us, that there are people out there targeting individuals, using the Coronavirus pandemic as an excuse. But it may surprise you to know that there are many Covid-related scams now hitting the business world too.  Keep your guard up against these scams – trying to exploit […]

Accessibility and its importance to business and design

When it comes to bringing your product or service to the masses it is vital for success that nothing puts potential buyers off or makes them want to find an alternative. This is why accessibility in design is so important as it can make or break a pitch. Accessibility in website design is defined as […]

The importance of establishing a social media presence

When it comes to establishing your business as a competitor in the business rat race, you should be looking to utilise all the advantages you have available to you. One of the best by far has become social media, everyone has their own opinions on social media but you cannot deny its growing trend in […]

Local SEO – getting your business noticed by the right people

Everyone in the industry knows how important it is to have your content reach the ideal people, people who are most likely to become consumers in your specialised area. SEO does this and having your website optimised to be at the top of the search results is what all business owners should be striving for […]

The Importance of responsive design and how it benefits you long term

Having the right website for the job is a core part to building an audience, your website should reflect the sort of person you are and what your business has to offer to the consumer. The generation we are in greatly values the use of handheld electronics such as phones and tablets so you should […]

What design trends are on the rise in 2021

Do you want to stay ahead of the curve in designing a website or graphic so your business can excel in 2021 – then these elements may be for you. Keeping up with trends is a crucial part in the designing process, seeing what’s popular and how you can incorporate it within your own works. […]

Five tips for great logo design

In the world of design, a lot of time is spent dreaming up a perfect logo, most commonly to represent a company or product. And a logo is important as it can help form a recognisable bond with a company or product After all, how many brands can you recognise by the logo alone? If […]

Adobe Business Catalyst eggs in one basket for Witney firms

Since its inception as a company Websites by Mark has been attracted to the seemly professional look of the product called Adobe Business Catalyst. What has stopped us in the past is pretty much the same reason we don’t ever recommend site builders like Wix and Moonfruit. Simply put when you use a platform like […]

Designing a website which ranks well in Google

Since its earliest incarnation, Google has continually involved to both give more relevant results to its user as well as combat web spam created by individuals to game the system. While a lot of techniques still work equally today, Google has added some interesting changes to the mix, which make designing a great looking site […]