What design trends are on the rise in 2021

Do you want to stay ahead of the curve in designing a website or graphic so your business can excel in 2021 – then these elements may be for you.

Keeping up with trends is a crucial part in the designing process, seeing what’s popular and how you can incorporate it within your own works. When it comes to staying at the top search results trends can be a great way to skyrocket your own career and sell your work to the masses.

Analysing these trends may show you why they are popular at the moment and what their relevance will be in the following years. Last year has been a very culturally and environmentally fuelled year so expect these themes to be on the rise this year and possibly next year. 

Some design elements to keep in mind because they are on the rise are:

Reconnecting with nature:

Retro elements:

Symbols rather than words


To summarize the last year has been rough for many designers in the graphics industry, but things are looking optimistic for this year, so keep your eye on these trends as they progress during the year.