The Importance of responsive design and how it benefits you long term

Having the right website for the job is a core part to building an audience, your website should reflect the sort of person you are and what your business has to offer to the consumer. The generation we are in greatly values the use of handheld electronics such as phones and tablets so you should be looking to adapt so that your website fits comfortably within the screens constraints this is known as a responsive website.

The official definition of an adaptable design or responsive website is a development choice made by designers which allows a website to change appearance depending on the screen size or the orientation of the device, this type of design greatly relies on proportion based grids to rearrange elements of the site. This style of design is encouraged to new designers as it allows the consumer to view your content regardless of device, which means you aren’t deterring any future clients if they are trying to view your work on a phone rather than a laptop.

Responsive design is becoming increasingly more important as tech companies work to develop new sizes of device. Having a responsive website gives your consumer an optimal experience and will encourage them to spend more time on it because if a website doesn’t fit a customer’s screen appropriately then it may appear jarring or uncomfortable to look at so they won’t spend the time to see what you can offer them they will instead find a website which is more aesthetically pleasing and easier work through. It will also improve how your website is ranked on google as the more people visit and stay on there the better it will rank, if you website is not pleasant to look at then people won’t continue to view it or tell others about it.

Some benefits to this style of design are:

To summarize it is important to optimise your website for a range of devices. This is to ensure sure your audience’s experience on your website is positive and something they would want to recommend. Having a responsive website ensures that this fact is adhered to and allows your business to flourish in an age where mobile devices are on the rise.