Five tips for great logo design

In the world of design, a lot of time is spent dreaming up a perfect logo, most commonly to represent a company or product. And a logo is important as it can help form a recognisable bond with a company or product After all, how many brands can you recognise by the logo alone? If you are trying to dream up the perfect logo design, here are some helpful considerations.

Have your logo tell a story

A logo should mean something, something relevant to your brand. Sometimes the story behind a logo is obvious, sometimes less so. Sometimes clever details are not initially noticed by the masses, then it goes viral when it is (think the hidden bear in the Toblerone logo-excellent for marketing when it’s spotted and shared!) For a logo with depth, don’t just put shapes and colours together, construct something that makes sense.

Use negative space well

Sometimes a logo with a plain background framing it can look good. But be careful or having too much white space, sometimes it does no favours. Judge the right amount of blank or coloured space (if any) to leave, or use it wisely by having it add something to the main logo area (think the hidden arrow in the FedEx design.

Sometimes simple is best

Yes,, we all love a clever logo. One that has some kind of trick that makes it very clever, such as the Amazon logo having the ‘A-Z’ of products it sells represented in its design. But sometimes keeping the logo simple is the best option-no tricks are needed. After all, you want to make sure everyone ‘gets it’. How simple is the ‘f’ that represents facebook? Very, and yet it is easily recognisable as being part of the branding. You have to be careful not to confuse anyone with what your logo is saying.

One thing that you don’t want is a logo that is too similar to an existing one, or one that someone is likely to come out with themselves, and if it is too generic of a design that is likely to happen. So although above we have said about keeping it simple, don’t go too simple! If you can find a way to make your logo unique, it’ll be all the better for it, and stand out well, making it easier for people to identify it with you. A good way to achieve this is with the styling of any imagery used, or a font. In regards to the font, think about how well the famous CocaCola one works.

Have fun !

This may seem a generic point, but if you are too uptight about the designing of your logo you can sometimes restrict yourself with your output. Think outside the box and get creative-your more likely to come up with a winner this way!

These tips will hopefully act as a helpful guide when it comes to the important process of designing a logo. And if you are struggling to come up with the goods there are plenty of very talented designers who will be more then happy to take the project on themselves!