The importance of establishing a social media presence

When it comes to establishing your business as a competitor in the business rat race, you should be looking to utilise all the advantages you have available to you. One of the best by far has become social media, everyone has their own opinions on social media but you cannot deny its growing trend in reaching the right people and reaching the younger generations.

There are a plethora of established and trending social medias and you should be looking to create an audience on as many as possible as the further you reach the more business you will get in return. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, the rise in social media presence will help to raise your profits. Many social medias are free to sign up for, so there is no downside to signing up. The majority of social media platforms these days have an in-built advertising system so for a fee you can advertise your business to an appropriate audience to help build up some potential customers.

The importance of social media as a marketing strategy is that it can help your business connect with already established customers, which also allows the customers to ask questions without physically visiting the business location, saving the customer time and gives your business a personal and friendly vibe. Using this method of marketing will also help to expand the reach of your business to a new audience who may have not heard of your business.

Social media add a personality to your business as when making posts about your products and services you are showing the customer your temperament, your style of humour and your personality. Some of this information may even be given out subconsciously through the way you structure your post to the way you punctuate, it all gives an indication to your customers about the brand you run.

Creating a social media account allows you to create a description of your business’s mission, aims and prosperities. These will show any potential customers what you have to offer and how you can benefit them, you can also have exclusive codes on your platform so the customers will have to visit the social media platform to get the discounts. Any consumers who may not know about your business now know that you offer discount codes for your business, which will increase the traffic leading to your store.

One underrated use for social media marketing is that it is low cost market research as well as reducing the overall marketing costs. You will be able to see the overall visitors who visit your page and they may leave feedback which you can use to improve your services and/ or products. Customer feedback is incredibly important so having it at your fingertips makes it incredibly easy to read it and implement it.

Social media is continuing to be on the rise so using it to help and advance your business only makes sense, using it for feedback and to advertise to those who may become new consumers.

Managed correctly it can be a low cost way to explore new opportunities and ultimately increase you bottom line.

Local SEO – getting your business noticed by the right people

Everyone in the industry knows how important it is to have your content reach the ideal people, people who are most likely to become consumers in your specialised area. SEO does this and having your website optimised to be at the top of the search results is what all business owners should be striving for if they want to be successful in their niche.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of optimising your website so it appears at the top of search results when a specific string of words or phrases is imputed. Localised SEO is using that process but applying it to a specific location, so if a potential consumer is looking for a service or product in an specific area then localised SEO allows your business to be at the top of the search results if they match the criteria.

The importance of optimising your website to your locale is so your services are presented at the top of your niche increasing traffic to your website and in turn your website will rank more favourable as you have a large amount of traffic. This is most beneficial for business owners who only have one base of operations as it will drive the traffic away from your competitors and towards your business as it appears you are more local.

Benefits of localised SEO are:

Keeping your business on the top is what all business owners are looking to do, so using every advantage is crucial for your success and for such a low cost localised SEO seems obvious to ensure this success. This will also allow you to build up a relationship with locals and in turn they will begin to advertise your products or services to other locals giving your business the push it needs, with the ongoing push for local businesses it only makes sense to make the most of localised SEO.