Adobe Business Catalyst eggs in one basket for Witney firms

Since its inception as a company Websites by Mark has been attracted to the seemly professional look of the product called Adobe Business Catalyst.

What has stopped us in the past is pretty much the same reason we don’t ever recommend site builders like Wix and Moonfruit. Simply put when you use a platform like Adobe Business Catalyst, you are using a proprietary system and although you may pay for the service, you have to ask yourself about ‘what happens if?’

And to be fair when first became interested in the platform, during research we found a local competitor (at the time we were based near Witney in Oxfordshire) offering the platform to its customers, we were initially impressed how professional the platform looked. For us, one of the main blocks was the upfront cost to business which we saw as a barrier too far for most of our client base.

On March 24th, 2018, many customers have woken up to the news Adobe is killing the Business Catalyst platform. Worse still as the platform uses proprietary technology. It’s not as simple as putting the site onto third-party hosting.

In short when they finally do pull the plug, if you have not had a site rebuilt and hosted elsewhere, you will no longer have an online presence.

Although this is a real concern for anyone affected, the good news is there is time to do something about it.

Although not suitable for every sort of site WordPress makes a fantastic alternative.

Where WordPress is different is that the source code is open source, which means you never have the danger of anyone pulling the plug on the platform. You are also not tied to a single hosting provider. In other words, in a world where there is chaos. WordPress is about as future proof as it gets.

When you migrate from Business Catalyst you are likely to find that at least some of your pages may have a different URL, this will cause an initial drop in rankings, but the good news is with the right preparation, this is not a long-term issue.

Our offer to companies in Banbury, Carterton, Oxford, Oxfordshire and Witney

If you think you might have an Adobe Business Catalyst website we will be happy to take you through your long-term options.

Not only will you get a website which performs just as well as your defunct Adobe Business Catalyst website, but its fighting fit for the future and your hosting is likely to be cheaper as well.

If you are interested in finding out more, please visit our contact page for our contact details.