Apple to buy Google

In a shock announcement Apple has bought a controlling share in the Internet giant Google.


Websites, the never ending Forth bridge

With more and more companies accepting the fact that a website offers the opportunity to market themselves more effectively the ever before, the website has moved on from its static roots.

In today’s age of Twitter and Facebook, is it possible to finish your website, or should you even try?


Pop goes the Google

With Google’s recent decision to remove categories like SEO from its local business listings, is this the beginnings of Google’s vision of the web, or a first step that will ultimately reduce Google impact on the world?


This time next year we will be millionaires

How to make money online has always been a popular topic and during times of recession more so.

With every guide paid or free, they promise time after time, follow this and this time next year you will be a millionaire.

But with more web pages than ever before and it is well documented that most webmasters hardly ever cover their costs, is it actually possible to make money online or is your connection, a modern day rainbow without a virtual pot of gold?