Accessible web design – an oxymoron

Ten years ago the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) published their project Web Accessibility Initiative. Its aim was to make the web a fairer platform for all.

Today with calls for all websites to be accessible, how far have we come? Do all websites need to be accessible?

Or is it another case of bad policy making by committee? (more…)

How expensive is your free marketing?

With in excess of 100 million websites on the internet, there is always competition to get your website listed on search engines like Google. For big companies and corporation’s conventional advertising has always been a part of promoting their brand or image.

For small companies and individuals who have no marketing budget, companies like Google, gave the promise of ‘free advertising’ for a piece of their online soul. But like all things starting in the USA, is there ever a free lunch, or are there hidden costs?


Facebook – Saint or Sinner

With over 350 million users worldwide, Facebook is one of the most used sites on the internet. With its roots firmly in social networking there’s nothing that can’t be done with a Facebook account these days.
But with reports of Stalking, Suicide, Rape, hate crimes and child grooming being linked with Facebook should we now look elsewhere to gather on the Internet? (more…)

Taking over the Internet one site at a time

For many years the traditional way of making sure your website was seen all over the world was to make sure your site ranked well on Google.

By use of Back links, Page Rank and SEO, this set of techniques has become a black art known to a few gurus.

With the introduction of Google Caffeine update is this about to change? (more…)

The day the internet died

From just a few documents linked together, the internet has grown virus like, infecting most our lives. In most households, a day is not complete without checking the news, watching videos or playing online games. (more…)