Sasha Robertshaw

Sasha Robertshaw

Sasha Robertshaw offers traditional acupuncture and needle free therapy.  Her full range of alternative and complementary medicine services have always been based in Witney and she is very respected by her client base.

The brief

Sasha approached Websites by Mark looking for a solution which would reflect the serious nature of her business, and would give prospective clients the idea that the business was very much medical in nature and less new age in feeling. Sasha also needed a new logo, which we were happy to produce.

The existing site

The existing site had a very home-made feel to it which conflicted with Sasha view of the direction that her business needed to go in. In addition it was important for the website to rank well on Google for geographically local key phrases.

The solution

As the information she provide changes rarely, a brochure site was a good choice for the website.

With a clean clinical design we were able to bring across the medical nature of her work but also present it in a non-threatening friendly way.

We also provided Photoshop services to create custom banners and assets.

We also included some YouTube assets to give the site a dynamic feel.

The result

Visually the new site is stunning,  it clearly shows to prospective new clients her business and the benefits she can bring.

We were able to increase her presence on search engines like Google.

We were also able to help Sasha explore other promotional avenues other than search engine positioning.

Sasha was very happy with the resulting presence on Google and has enjoyed an increase in business this has brought.