Posy Pad

Posy Pad

The Posy Pad is a new florist based in Carterton (Near Witney) creating stunning floral treats for every occasion.

Vicky wanted to show that not only is her service bespoke, but wanted the website to shout the values of a business with traditional values like service.

Vicky felt strongly that the website should look clean and simple, and initially wanted little more than a business card on the web.

The website was completed in days, and included was the tools for Vicky to see the breakdown of visitors coming to her new site.

Within weeks traffic generated by the website turned into sales, and Vicky then came back with a view to maximising the effect she had already seen.

Vicky had already been very proactive on social networks like Facebook and had already uploaded a lot of portfolio shots for contacts to see. This in itself had the effect of generating sales, and Vicky wanted a way to show these albums on her website, without altering the feel too much.

After an initial consultation, the site was redeveloped using WordPress as the technology framework.

The WordPress installation was skinned to look like her existing site as well as retaining the existing functionality. By the addition of a simple plug-in, we were able to automate the import of the Facebook album pictures straight onto the website.

By taking this approach we have managed to increase the exposure of Vicky’s work without increasing the day to day admin.

Being a CMS now means the site has a lot of flexibility when it comes to amending and adding new content. In addition, WordPress is not only Google friendly but actively helps with the sites natural SEO abilities.

Using industry standard tools the site was submitted to Google and hours later the first Google search results were available.