Oxtrad Tools Ltd

Oxtrad Tools Ltd

The brief

After being caught in a cycle of web designer and agencies which did not work well for Dave, he was looking for a solution, which was affordable and would drive sales at a much higher level.

His original site, although attractive, was slow, hard to manage and did not play nice with mobile. In short presented a barrier to online success.

By listening to Dave’s needs and devising a cost-effective strategy, we were able to exceed the client’s expectations.

Our approach

During phase 1, we took the original site (Off the peg theme) and created a stripped back version of the site, which concentrated on presenting the products well and gave Dave an edge on Google.

Once Dave saw a growth in sales, the company then had the budget to invest in phase 2.

With phase 2, we rebranded the company and created a theme to match the new logo. Marrying this with enhanced SEO, means we have created a stie which not only fits Dave’s business model, looks great, but drives business for him. This change has enabled him to spend less time on the road selling directly.

What we delivered

  • Custom WooCommerce/WordPress design
  • Custom Brands bar
  • Website optimised for both mobile and desktop users
  • Enhanced SEO services
  • Logo design
  • On-going site support

Notable features in the project

Proprietary mobile/desktop header (Using Bootstrap as a framework). Developed by Websites by Mark, this header reorders depending on the device being used to ensure the user gets the optimal experience no matter the device used to access the site.

Bootstrap elements make over. Following the style of the logo we decided it was important that many of the elements were styled, to give a designed and well thought out feel to the site.

Trustpilot integration. With careful thought to placement, we were able to integrate Trustpilot in a way which is useful to visitors, while not interrupting the design.

Custom Brands bar. This responsive solution allows Oxtrad Tools ltd to easily show the brands they sell in a well style and mobile friendly way.

The results

Since working with Websites by Mark, Oxtrad Tools ltd have seen a steady growth in sales, enabling the company to invest in marketing, helping to accelerate the process.

With a continued channel of dialogue, we are happy to provide Dave with the knowledge and technical services which will help him bullet proof his business for the future.

What the client thinks

“Having worked with a couple of web design companies in the past it was becoming obvious that web companies do not always listen to what the customer needs. Not only is Mark a very easy person to deal with but also listens, offers his own thoughts, and discusses options available, always with the best intensions for the site. If he does not have an immediate answer, he will get back to you later having done some research. To sum up he has made a big difference to my website and great value for money.”

Dave Ashman – Oxtrad Tools Ltd

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