Pay monthly websites

Pay monthly websites

Liberate your business from large one off bills

For many professionals and small businesses, a website can end up becoming a static, online extension of their business card.

In today’s digital age, there is no reason why you should not have an effective, presentable, and responsive website which advocates your business. You need a platform which entices visitors to spend time looking at your products or professional services.

Without a successful website, no matter how great your company is, you can simply fall through the cracks.

Pay Monthly websites are a great way to invest in promoting your business, whilst spreading the cost. But that is not the only benefit.

Why opt for a Pay Monthly website?

There are numerous reasons you might opt for a Pay Monthly website over a one-off, fixed-price static website – and flexibility is one of them.

Below are just a few benefits of choosing a Pay Monthly website.

Budget friendly

Budget friendly

Just like any pay monthly service, a Pay Monthly website is an affordable option for anyone who does not have a big budget to spend on web build and design upfront.

By paying monthly, you can spread the costs of the service, and account for it as an overhead just as you would for any other business expense.

What is more, by opting for a Pay Monthly website, you effectively have access to your own remote ‘in house’ digital team, without worrying about the other costs typically associated with more personnel.

Bespoke & Supported

Bespoke & Supported

My Pay Monthly website service is built via WordPress – which is one of the most popular content management systems available, hosting roughly one third of all websites globally.

WordPress sites can host any type of platform: from blogs to forums, memberships sites to eCommerce websites.

Delivered through an open source format, WordPress also boasts a huge community of contributors who are always improving the plugins, add-ons, and extensions available – so you can amass a highly versatile website right at your fingertips. 

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

The use of mobile devices for web access is constantly on the increase, so it is imperative that your website can be utilised smoothly by a visitor on the move.

Because user requirements often change, so do mobile devices – and so must your website.

If your website suddenly becomes incompatible with the newest Android or iOS system, you will struggle to retain much custom.

By maintaining a Pay Monthly website, you can ensure that any changes to accessibility requirements can be amended quickly and easily.

Adaptable to trends

Adaptable to trends

Online trends are forever changing across various markets. Whatever the climate, a Pay Monthly website remains adaptable.

Habits such as online shopping are highly mutable, and more and more people are opting to source services online as socioeconomic circumstances fluctuate.

As a result, web design trends change quickly too – and it is important that your website looks fresh, up to date, and as appealing as possible.

The crucial thing to bear in mind is that a custom-made website is just as unique as your business. Would a fixed website adapt to changing business requirements?

Improved Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

As industry trends change, so do the search terms which people key into search engines to find the products and services they require.

By opting for a Pay Monthly website, you are also opting for regular, tailored SEO which suits your ever-changing business needs.

By utilising the keyword terms which people search online, we can ensure your website remains in the top listings for search results on search engines such as Google and Bing.

And with better search engine rankings, comes greater traffic.  

Tech support and assurance

Since you are not building your own website, chances are you are going to need technical support should an issue arise.

One-off purchase websites rarely come with unlimited assistance – which is where a Pay Monthly site differs.

Not only will you be paying for a professionally designed and built website – you will also have direct access to your own off-site IT department.

Less fuss, more focus.


Adrian Coomber – Independent Town Councillor for Carterton

Mark, Your assistance with setting up hosting and leading me by the nose in creating a new site was absolutely fantastic. Your expert help is very much appreciated – I would be delighted to recommend your services to anyone with limited coding knowledge who seeks a bespoke online solution. Many thanks!

Hamish Mackie

Not being very good at computers. I found Mark’s expertise and creative input excellent. He knows all the ins and outs of how cyber space works and with out any hassle has created a site for me which I am proud to point people towards – you could say the dogs bollocks!’

Does a Pay Monthly website sound right for you?

If you would like to know more about subscribing to our Pay Monthly website, get in touch for a free quotation today.