Search Engine Optimisation

Without search engines, the internet would be a very different place, they enable users to find out about the products and services they need quickly and with ease.

Business who are unable to leverage search engines like Google often find it’s a sales channel which leaves a massive whole in their bottom line.

Not just about Google.

Although in the UK Google is very popular, search engines like Yahoo and Bing also pull large amount of users. In other parts of the world, Baidu and Yandex rule. At Websites by Mark we understand this and can help your company rank on multiple search engines.

Keyword research

Our keyword research service is ideal for companies who don’t know what key phrases they want to rank for, or to check their assumptions are right.

Top 10 audit report

This powerful 50 page report explains exactly what you need to do to rank top 10 for any phrase on a specified search engine.

Implementation service

Having a report is great, but if you need the technical skills to implement its recommendations, Websites by Mark can help with that.

Backlink analysis service

Inbound links to your website still provide a lot of leverage on search engines like Google. Poor quality backlinks can actually hurt your website. Using tried and tested methods we will look at you back-links, increase the good ones and cull the bad ones.

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