Mobile friendly web design

Mobile usage for the web is an upwards trend that’s hard to ignore. The websites we produce not only look great on desktops and tablets but equally work well on mobile phones.

With Google’s recent updates, a mobile friendly website will maximise the audience that will see your products and services.

What exactly is mobile friendly and is it the same as responsive?

Both mobile friendly and responsive are the same thing. It’s simply a term which means your website will morph to fit whatever device viewing your website in the most effective way possible.

With non-responsive websites you often have to ‘zoom’ to see content on a mobile device. With mobile friendly sites this is a thing of the past.

Do mobile friendly websites look better?

Visually mobile friendly (responsive) websites tend to look cleaner and this helps to present your message in a format that tends to be easier to understand.

Technically with a cleaner design, comes a more efficient code base and optimised images which means your website will load quicker, ensuring visitors get the best possible experience.

Do they cost more to build?

The good news is the amount of effort to create responsive code is the same as non-responsive, so the cost is the same to you.

Are responsive websites right for all clients?

Generally most business benefit from a responsive website, however certain business may find the design compromises not right for them. This is why at Website by Mark we always look at the clients aims before recommending a response website.

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