It’s no secret that on-line sales have contributed more and more to today economy. With a mix of ease and 24 hours access, many people use on-line shopping as their preferred purchasing route

At Websites by Mark we understand this and have helped many clients reach their on-line potential.

Although we are happy to develop any framework, we tend to recommend Woo Commerce on WordPress and Open Cart. Both have their strengths and the choice will often come down to the mix of features a client will want to include.

Woo Commerce

Woo Commerce is a plugin for WordPress, its strengths lie in its ease of use and the low hosting requirement it requires. This solution is ideal for companies who don’t need a large store and are happy with simple shipping and tax options.

Open Cart

Open Cart is often used in Comparison with Magento. While it’s true that Magento is truly scalable, its server requirements and general complexities, mean Magento simply is not a great choice for most users.

With Open Cart you can think of it as a ‘Magento’ store with lower hosting requirement and a less complex admin interface. Or in plain language if you store idea is not suitable for Woo Commerce, Open Cart is the recommended solution.

If in the unlikely event Woo Commerce or Open Cart won’t do the job we are happy to develop a site in one of a range of alternative shopping carts including Zen-cart, osCommerce, Presta shop and Magento.

So the next time you are looking at your offering on-line, think Websites by Mark.