Content management systems

In plain English, a content management system (CMS) is simply a term to describe a website which comes with online tools to manage and add new pages to an existing website.

WordPress is perhaps the best known example of a CMS which now powers nearly a quarter of all websites in the internet.

Is it as complicated as it sounds?

With its roots in blogging, it has been designed to make the experience of managing a WordPress website simple and painless.

With a streamline procedure for upgrading and a secure repository of plugins it’s simply a great system for those who want to manage a website without the need for a great deal of technical knowledge.

Is it secure?

Being the most popular CMS brings it to the attention of hackers who want to cause harm. The good news is that WordPress is very actively updated and when exploits are found, solutions are very quick to appear. In short it’s as secure and well maintained as any other CMS.

Will it help me market online?

WordPress has been designed at the core to be as search engine friendly as possible and for many people who are serious about online marketing, WordPress is the system of choice.

With plugins for SEO and social media, if there is a type of marketing you can think of, there is a WordPress solution available, normally at a very reasonable cost.

What sorts of websites can be built and is it expensive?

With WordPress, pretty much any sort of website can be built, from simple information sites to full ecommerce websites, there is no type of website that cannot be created with WordPress.

With any sort of custom build, man hours is the main cost, but with WordPress we have developed many techniques for maximising what can be created for the budget you have available.

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