At Websites by Mark since 2008 we have been creating websites for businesses large and small. We pride ourselves in providing solutions for our client’s needs.

Want to know more?

Read below for some of the many services we offer.

Web design related services

We generally offer three types of website, but with some clients we are sometimes able to help with other sorts of design and builds.


With the brochure website, each page is designed then uploaded. Generally, with this sort of website, any changes will need to be outsourced.

CMS (WordPress)

With WordPress, you have a system which allows a non-technical user to log in and make changes themselves. This can be great for clients who are more serious about marketing or want to take control of the site after it has gone live.

E-commerce (WooCommerce)

In many ways, an E-commerce website is like a CMS. Where WooCommerce is different is that its setup specifically for selling online.

Additional web design services

We also can offer stock photography, Copywriting or even ways to rank on Google in the shortest possible time.


A website needs hosting to be seen on the internet. We are happy to offer a range of high quality hosting solutions to fit every budget and service need. We can either offer 24/7 support and managed upgrades as an optional extra.

Domain registration

Domain registration is simply the process of renting a www for a set period of time (normally a year or more). Once registered the ‘owner’ retains the domain name until such time as they no longer need it. There is a small yearly cost involved in domain registration.


If you are looking to improve your ‘listing’ on Google, we have a range of services which can help. Although no one can guarantee a position on Google, most clients will see an improvement over time.

Key phrase research

Often a company will know what phrases they want to rank for but we offer a key phrase research service which can help to identify what phrases will give you the most internet traction.

Website Audit

With a SEO website audit, we look for issues that can cause your website not to rank properly. The audit does not come with any implementation time, but this can be bought as an optional extra.

Top 10 optimiser

This is perhaps the most powerful element of the SEO toolkit. With the Top 10 optimiser, the reports give you tangible changes you can make to a web page to get it to rank on the front page of Google for any given phrase. While not all pages will go ‘top 10’, it will often give an amazing lift.

On-page implementation

While having the information at your fingertips is great, recommendations need to be implemented. With Websites by Mark, we can arrange this for you for an hourly rate.

Link Building

Link building in the past has a less than great reputation, but without it often your web page just won’t rank effectively. With our link building service, we find quality backlink opportunities and help you secure them. This is a time-based activity and is not related to the amount of link built.


Pay per click, in short, is paying for a Google advert. This is the only way to guarantee an appearance on Google’s front page. For a fee, we can design an advert for you and manage it on a monthly basis. Beyond our charges, there is also a click charge which is payable to Google.

Social Media

We are happy to provide all aspects of social media promotion. From reporting and social strategy to hands-on management and social media advertising, we are happy to provide it all.


With any of the above services, we are happy to offer a consultancy/training service.

Training is generally provided either remotely (via email), 1-2-1 or via group training. Pricing is dependent on user’s requirements.