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The cost of free website builders

With the daily rise of online services that promise to create and host a website for free. Is it good news for everyone, or a case of too good to be true? The birth of free From its inception people have constantly looked for cheaper and cheaper ways to access the internet and get the […]

Are social networks really social?

With websites like Facebook and Twitter constantly attracting new users on a day by day basis, there is no doubt how popular the social networks are. But in a world of increase reports of medical conditions like depression, do social networks indicate underlying issues with the world today? BC – before computers. There is little […]

MasterCard’s master plan to take over the world

In recent years supermarkets like Tesco’s have been offering more than just food. They now offer everything from electrical, personal finance and even in one case the ability to buy your next home. With MasterCard’s recent decision to enter the arena of online retailer, is this a good thing for consumer or in a tricky […]

Un Social Network

In a world where every company and famous name is using social media to increase brand awareness, with the recent BA and Nestle on-line faux pas hitting the headlines, is it a case that social media is a two way street too far? When I was a lad. For years companies have used traditional media […]

Should Google Blogger off?

Google recently announced a major upgrade to its free blogging platform Blogger. Does this represent a real leap forward in personalised communication or just another Google Application with little appeal outside the casual blogger? Blogging killed the DIY home page Free blogging services have been around for many years now and offer a great way […]

Marketing in a Facebook world

With recent reports of Facebook being more popular then Google, we can begin to see the seeds of what has been predicted for some time now. With political parties now actively advertising on Facebook, is your online advertising budget still best served with Google, or has Google finally lost its Ad words Lustre. A free […]

When our space became Myspace

With what we can do online exploding exponentially on a daily basis, it’s often the case that Social Networks like Myspace offer a useful way to wall your online world. With Myspace now offering a dedicated online games platform, how long before we get our first truly interactive broadcast channel, and will the first past […]

The Acid test for Microsoft

Microsoft is currently advertising Internet Explorer 8 on the television. Is it a case that Microsoft wants to make sure everyone has the best possible internet experience, or is Microsoft concerned about bigger fish? Microsoft’s rise to dominance The first web browser was released in 1991; it was not until 1995 Microsoft released the now […]

Internet, Google and the price of freedom

With ex Google employees convicted under Italian law, school children chastised for sharing music and a “where there’s a blame there’s a claim” mentality, can the internet carry on with the tag of free speech for everyone or have we all woken up to the free lunch that never was?