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Keyword use in body text

Overview Google, also know originally as an information engine was set up to locate the information people wanted to find. A HTML webpage has several parts to it, of which the <body> tag contains most of it. It’s in the Body tag section which the web browser shows what is considered as the webpage. It […]

Anchor texts of backlinks

Overview Anchor text is a technical term to describe any text which is a link… There is also a version of this that applies to images links. Due to recent Google updates this technique is not as important as it once was, but it should still be looked at. History of Anchor text Tim Berners-Lee, […]

Number of backlinks

Overview When optimising an HTML webpage, factors other than on page and visible changes are also important. Techniques which look to affect search engine optimisation that are not applied to the site itself is known as off page search engine optimisation. History of backlinks Off page search engine optimisation with regards to the Google search […]

Keyword use in document title

Overview In search engine optimisation it is well known that Google considers text used in the document title a good indication of what the web page is about. The document title of a webpage is contained within <title> html tag which itself must be included in the <head> part of the html page. If the […]

The Impact of the recent EMD update on search engine optimisation

EMD, or Exact Matched Domain, has always been an extremely important process for businesses as they first venture online. With the recent EMD update how should we be thinking as an industry about the way we manage accounts in the future? Put simply, an EMD is an exact keyword used within a domain for instance, […]

Yell Sites, are they hell sites or are Yell Sites great SEO websites

With everyone’s favourite local directory website now offering SEO and marketing for your website, does Yell really have a real world solution or is it style over substance? In this article I will show you what is needed to SEO any webpage, so you can decide. Now let’s be clear about the definition of SEO […]

Adobes Flash in the pan

Adobe Flash, once the popular option for creating animations, websites and games on the net, has recently come under attack by Apple, Google and Microsoft. Is it time to start turning our backs on Adobe, or will the competition finally come unstuck? A short History Created in 1996 by a company called Macromedia, Flash was […]

The ul html tag

Overview The <ul> HTML tag is used to specify an unordered list. It works in the same way as the <ol> tag but by default shows each list item with a bullet point instead of a number. This can be styled with CSS. The <ul> tag is used to indicate the whole list. Within this […]

The caption html tag

Overview The <caption> HTML tag is used to specify a title for a HTML Table. It can only be used once per table and the <caption> tag must appear immediately after the <table> tag. It works equally as well in table based layouts as well as CSS based ones. When text is put between the […]