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Top level domain of web site

Overview When most people think of larger websites it’s no coincidence that most people expect to see a .com Not only was .com was one of the first types of domain available it’s also known as a Top level domain. For years a .com often secured a good ranking due to its status but when […]

Keyword use in IMG ALT attributes

Overview The original HTML standard has always been geared with the idea of linking text documents together, but even from the earliest days there has been support for displaying images. In the starting days of the internet effective download speed were very slow and even pages containing text may take many seconds to display. When […]

Keyword use in H2-H6 headline texts

Overview Along with the <h1> html tag the <H2>, <H3>, <H4>, <H5> and <H6> are termed heading tags and as such have a great impact on search engine optimisation. Unlike the <h1> tag there are no real restrictions of use and can be used as many times as makes sense on a page. As with […]

Server speed

Overview As the style and content of websites have developed server speed has become a consideration in search engine optimisation. With Google in particular their mission has to been to provide the information you are looking for quickly and accurately. To this end they have stated that slow loading websites may not be listed as […]

Mentions on social sites

Overview In the last ten years there has been a vital social change in the form of social networks. First started as a way to connect people, they have changed to include such things as social gaming and more recently have been seen as trusted and rapid sources of news. Google now treats links from […]

Keyword use in page URL

Overview Keyword use in page URL is a technique much in the same vein as Keyword use in domain name. There is currently no evidence that Google is penalising sites which place keywords in the URL of the webpage, but this should be reviewed over time with regards to how important this ranking factor will […]

Keyword use in domain name

Overview Exact Domain Matching has hit the headlines recently as Google has tried to crack down on this latest trick spammers use to bend the Google search results. Although Exact Domain Matching may now not work as it once did, domains which feature a close match still work and it could be argued that a […]

Keyword use in H1 headline texts

Overview The <h1> html tag is another original HTML element which has a great impact on search engine optimisation. The specification suggests this tag should be used as a main heading for a page, but technically it can be used more than once. History of the <h1> tag The <h1> tag is one of the […]

Age of web site

Overview The age of the website has been a ranking fact for many years and with the recent change of direction of Google, this would appear to becoming a more important factor again. The importance of the age of websites Google has always looked at ways to quantify the quality of information on every website […]