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Google Analytics and the story of inconsistent statistics

Google Analytics once had a proud history of giving real power to those who used it. Its incredible set of tools would in an instant let you know who was connecting to your website, how they got there and what they were doing on your website. But in the last four years Google Analytics has […]

Making life easy for Google – making your SEO more effective

Google wants to index and rank you web page well, the reason for this is simple, the more pages it can rank the more authoritative the index looks and ultimately the more Google can make off the back of this. From an SEO perspective the easier we make the job for Google to rank our […]


Overview The <em> HTML tag is known as a phrase tag, it is mainly used to style text. By default it makes text italic to emphasize the look of the tagged text. It works equally as well in table based layouts as well as CSS based ones. As with all phrase based HTML tags it […]

Getting better search volume data from Google AdWords

When you first look at search engine optimisation, the first thing you should do is understand how many people are likely to search for the phrase you are going to optimise for. It’s simply no point optimising for a phrase that does not drive traffic, it’s a wasted effort. For years Google has provided a […]

Advanced use of top ten style SEO audit reports

Top ten SEO audit reports are great as they give a technical check list as to how a target page compares to the top ten pages for any given phrase. The methodology has solid merit as it states that no one outside of ‘Google’ (Or other search engine you are targeting) can know the ranking […]

The role of H tags in HTML5 documents and their practical application.

With over 861,000,000 websites on the internet (as of January 2014) it’s easy to see that not all these websites use HTML5, it’s also easy to see how search engines will take this into consideration when looking at ranking. More over search engines like Google will often weight websites with great content over their technical […]

Why design and SEO are not natural bed fellows

A website which looks great, converts well and ranks well on Google is the holy grail of anyone trying to promote themselves on-line, but why is this harder than it looks? Simply put all three disciplines have different priorities which means at best the result will be a fudge of all three, or to put […]

The top ten method for ranking on the first page on a search engine

With what seems like every other article on the web telling you how to rank well on a search engine and algorithms changing daily, are there any tried and trusted methods that just works? What is the top ten method? Simply put no one outside of Google (or any other search engine) knows the technical […]

How to start with SEO

When people first become interested in SEO they often run about like headless chickens trying to figure out how to better their websites ranking. The following is a very basic overview on how to start to achieving success with search engines like Google. Understand your audience. As daft as it sounds, you would be amazed […]