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Yoast SEO – Amazing SEO or Disaster – Yoast decide

Yoast is a name well known in the WordPress community and from its early roots has grown into a large and established brand in its own right. But with a world beating reputation, is this respect well earned. Personal experiences with Yoast SEO Starting a web design business in the financial crash of 2008/2009 is […]

The top 10ish secrets the SEO industry does not want you knowing

Speak to business and the majority of them have heard of the phrase SEO, see it as an unlimited pot of revenue generating magic and have no idea how to get there. The SEO industry does nothing to dispel this mystique and this probably accounts for the growth in business for anyone offering SEO and […]

Designing websites which market themselves

From the initial version of HTML in 1990, the needs of businesses and the technology has drastically changed, but some things remain constant. In short a good web site does today exactly what it did in 1990 and that’s convey a message to a potential audience. And although the styles and eye candy has evolved […]

Responsive web design, an oxymoron for sadists

With the event of HTML5, the charge of responsive website design is one that many people feel unable to resist. But what is responsive website design and for many people why is it so elusive? Simply put responsive web design is using CSS code to make the best use of the browser being used to […]

Why WordPress is great for everything except speed

In recent years CMS’s like WordPress have been adopted as the weapon of choice for most new websites. With their limitless options and ease of management it’s easy to think that they are the perfect choice for every situation. Is this true or like the emperors news clothes are we blind to reasons why a […]

Google Analytics and the story of inconsistent statistics

Google Analytics once had a proud history of giving real power to those who used it. Its incredible set of tools would in an instant let you know who was connecting to your website, how they got there and what they were doing on your website. But in the last four years Google Analytics has […]

Making life easy for Google – making your SEO more effective

Google wants to index and rank you web page well, the reason for this is simple, the more pages it can rank the more authoritative the index looks and ultimately the more Google can make off the back of this. From an SEO perspective the easier we make the job for Google to rank our […]


Overview The <em> HTML tag is known as a phrase tag, it is mainly used to style text. By default it makes text italic to emphasize the look of the tagged text. It works equally as well in table based layouts as well as CSS based ones. As with all phrase based HTML tags it […]

Getting better search volume data from Google AdWords

When you first look at search engine optimisation, the first thing you should do is understand how many people are likely to search for the phrase you are going to optimise for. It’s simply no point optimising for a phrase that does not drive traffic, it’s a wasted effort. For years Google has provided a […]