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Yoast SEO – is it all bad?

For most people, the first time they come into contact with Yoast SEO is when they look for an SEO Plugin which will help their performance on their WordPress website. So why do some people have success with the product and others struggle? In short, to get the best out of Yoast, you already need […]

Bringing the 80/20 rule to SEO

When something has been around for the best part of a century and it won’t go away, you know there must be something in it. The Pareto Principle (also known as the 80-20 rule) is the simple idea that 20% of what we do has 80% of the outcome. Or in other words for everything […]

Quickly ranking on search engines like Google

So you just created the best website on the planet, not only featuring a cutting edge visual design, but also penned by the modern equivalent of Shakespeare. You followed all the rules and it interesting and relevant. Two month on you still have no traffic and worse still Google wont index it. How search engines […]

Html5 and the considerations for SEO

With the event of HTML5 we have all been promised that semantic mark-up is the way forward and for those who ignore this idea will be rewarded with lower rankings. SEO in a HTML4 world With HTML4 life was simpler, every page should have a single h1 tag and in source, the higher for your […]

Using on page SEO to improve your SERP’s

It is known that Google has over 200 ranking factors when deciding where your webpage appears in its search, but most of these have been designed to stop the abuse of black hat SEO companies. Generally SEO is split into on-page and off-page, simply put on-page is the content on your webpage and is perhaps […]

Using Bing and Yahoo to gain advantages on Google

Although Google is the world’s largest search engine, does it always make sense to use its top 10 as the basis of your technical competitor analysis? What is top 10 analysis? Simply put top 10 analysis allows us to see the factors that Google feel are important and allows us then to implement the same […]

Without decent key phrase research your search marketing is useless

Perhaps the hardest idea to get over to new clients is the importance of Key phrase research in SEO. Although things always change, in general terms a search engine will try to match as closely to the phrase you enter. While many business will know the key phrases that work for them, without research often […]

Misunderstanding web design in a Google first world

For most web design companies, clients normally come with two requirements, a site which looks great and for something that ranks well on Google. At first glance, these two requests would seem reasonable but often are at odds with each other. Can a good looking site rank well on Google? The answer to this question […]

Google may be blind, but it is not stupid

For as long as Google has existed there have been articles about how to manipulate Google for better rankings. But is it possible to create a visually well design page and have it rank effectively? What Google wants for Christmas? Before you can code an html page to work well with Google, it’s important to […]