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The background

Founded in 1992, The Recycler is a company which focuses on the toner and inkjet remanufacturing industry, along with its web presence it also publishes several offline publications as well as being heavily involved with several of the large yearly trade shows.

Originally built in a bespoke CMS, due to support issues The Recycler was looking for long-term options with not only the maintenance of their current system but were very much interested in redeveloping what they had going forward.

Developed in WordPress, the solution not only matched visually their existing bespoke CMS but allowed going forward a much more coherent development policy which did not tie them to a single support supplier.

The project was interesting for a number of reasons but included the integration of the existing site’s database, displaying archive pages in a seamless way.

Normally this would have presented a major issue but the data was converted into a WordPress friendly format which allowed it to be integrated into the new architecture in a near seamless way.

Ideally, for The Recycler, we were able to keep well within budget and create a backend which allowed The Recycler to optimise the manpower needed for day to day operations as well as integrate into other backend third-party systems.

Quick facts

Client since: 2008

Services provided: Graphic design, Web design, Web development


His advice and guidance have seen our website,, rise in the global rankings from around 1,150,000 to 229,000. This is an absolutely incredible statistic to achieve with our limited budget and diverse audience needs.

Stefanie Unland – The Recycler

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