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Web design Witney is Websites by Mark

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Everyone in business is on the internet, but the question is, do they know why?

Talk to 100 businesses why they have a website, and you will get 100 answers.

For any business to be sucessful its needs to look professional, offer a great service and generate sales.

The job of any website is simple.

Be easy to find on search engines, engage the visitor and help to initiate that all important first contact.

At Websites by Mark we understand this and make this happen for client after client.

We spend time understanding your business, your objectives and your aims.

After designing a great looking site, we can make sure you get great results on the net.

If your serious about moving your business forward this year why not contact Websites by Mark for your free consulatation and SEO report.


WARNING – The Websites by Mark effect may cause excessive website traffic.


Recent projects in Witney

Websites by mark was recently asked to provide a new website for local kitchen company, Cucina by design.
After an initial meeting we were able to establish not only the visual style for the site, but also what they were expecting from the site online.

Within a few days the visuals were produced and signed off.

One of the main requirements was that not only did the site need to look good, but also it needed to rank well for some ‘key phrases’. As this was discussed prior to the build it meant the SEO could be built in from the start, reducing time and cost for the client.

Within a week not only was the site finished and made live, within days the site appeared on Google.

Recent ranking checks on Google still show the site performing well.


Ask yourself the following questions

  • Does your company need a new website?
  • Does your website get little or no traffic?
  • Do you get lots of visitors but no enquiries?


If you have answered yes to any of the above why not contact Websites by Mark.


Why Websites by Mark ?

  • We are able to fulfil any requirement
  • Turn around your issue quickly and efficiently
  • We are a local Oxfordshire Company


So why not Email Mark at mark@websitesbymark.co.uk for an immediate quote or call 07716 447228 today

Some Articles from our library.

The <tt> html tag

Overview In HTML the <tt> tag is a little unsual and is not often used due to its quirky apperance, in short the font mimics that of a teletype machine. The <tt> tag is one of the original ways to format text and more recently CSS and other tags have reduced the importance of this tag. It is still a good tag when used correctly. When text is put between the opening and closing <tt> tag it is displayed as tt text. The <tt> tag can be used multiple times on a webpage and can be nested inside other tags for dramatic effect. Basic Usage <tt>Some tt text</tt> Any text between the opening and closing tag will be displayed as a large heading. Advance Usage It is possible to style and add functionality to the <tt> tag, this is done by adding an attribute to after the tt in the…

Is social media for business hype over substance?

Since its inception as a way to hook up to college girls, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook has literally become the world’s most popular website. Often touted as the place to be to promote your business, but does this crown really hold up to the evidence? Build and they will come Since marketers have seen the internet as a source of unimagined wealth, ideas about how to make money on the internet are rife. Most revolve around the concept of the lazy millionaire, or to put into plain language, doing little for a huge reward. This is not new and not even limited to the internet. And time after time, the quick fix millionaire idea is shown to be flawed. And To be brutal often the only people who make the money are the people who sell the ideas. For all successful business’s there tends to be a common thread Work hard…

Keyword use in body text

Overview Google, also know originally as an information engine was set up to locate the information people wanted to find. A HTML webpage has several parts to it, of which the <body> tag contains most of it. It’s in the Body tag section which the web browser shows what is considered as the webpage. It is therefore no surprise that Google looks as this aspect when deciding on how to rank a webpage. History of the <body> tag The <body> tag is one of the core HTML tags which have been within HTML pages since day one. Most of code used to display a page is contained within this section. It is for this reason Google places great weight on the content within this section. To some degree Google has now gone full circle with its approach. In the beginning pretty much only the on page copy was considered for…

Number of backlinks

Overview When optimising an HTML webpage, factors other than on page and visible changes are also important. Techniques which look to affect search engine optimisation that are not applied to the site itself is known as off page search engine optimisation. History of backlinks Off page search engine optimisation with regards to the Google search engine, as well as others, came from the knowledge that copy on the page can be crafted to appear more relevant to search terms and therefore can artificially affect a pages position on search rank. As Google defined itself as an information engine, its vision was to give people the most relevant website pages for their chosen search term. And with unscrupulous website owners looking to gain unfair advantage, Google made the decision to include factors (or signals) that couldn’t easily be manipulated. One of the way Google came up with, was to assume if…

Case Study – The Posy Pad

The Posy Pad is a new florist based in Carterton (Near Witney) creating stunning floral treats for every occasion. Vicky wanted to show that not only is her service bespoke, but wanted the website to shout the values of a business with traditional values like service. Vicky felt strongly that the website should look clean and simple, and initially wanted little more than a business card on the web. The website was completed in days, and included was the tools for Vicky to see the breakdown of visitors coming to her new site. Within weeks traffic generated by the website turned into sales, and Vicky then came back with a view to maximising the effect she had already seen. Vicky had already been very pro active on social networks like Facebook, and had already uploaded a lot of portfolio shots for contacts to see. This in itself had the effect…

How expensive is your free marketing?

With in excess of 100 million websites on the internet, there is always competition to get your website listed on search engines like Google. For big companies and corporation’s conventional advertising has always been a part of promoting their brand or image. For small companies and individuals who have no marketing budget, companies like Google, gave the promise of ‘free advertising’ for a piece of their online soul. But like all things starting in the USA, is there ever a free lunch, or are there hidden costs? Small time, big aspirations With a recession on and with tough times ahead, who wouldn’t want to promote their website for free? SEO and Viral marketing are often suggested as a way to get your message out there cheaply. In the early days this was very true, with a tweak here and there to your page copy, or playing with the html code…

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