Responsive web design for Dorset, We know the best way to market Dorset companies online, do you?

Web design in Dorset is Websites by Mark.

We design and create great looking websites that work well with Google.

“The website looks great, we are really pleased with it thank you.”
Country House Concierge

Just about every business in Dorset has a website but the question is, are they designed to work?

Yes, technically they all do. What I mean is, do they fulfil the objectives you’ve set your business?

For example, does it drive feet through your show room door, get people calling your sales team, send through loads of email enquiries?

Websites by Mark looks beyond the visual aspect of a website. We consider the objectives you’ve identified and build sites that will help you achieve them.

We also take care of the little things like the technology that is used and the overall visibility of your message online.

The other nice thing is, we don’t charge an arm and leg to do it either!

The next time you are searching for "web design Dorset" why not search for "Websites by Mark"

Effective Google ready website design

Do you want to be on the front page of Google? Search Engine Optimisation is a way to help this process.

SEO is not a magic bullet; more a series of techniques which are created to lead you closer to your goal.

Although Google often changes the rules it uses to rank sites, by looking at the content on your site, your competitor´s sites and increasing traffic, Websites by Mark can help you design a solution so you can achieve your online goals.

Search engine optimisation only works when in synergy with design. Without a visually appealing and well designed site, SEO generated traffic wont convert to customers. Our web design solutions marry SEO and good design ensuring the increase in traffic you experience will be matched with an increase in enquiries.

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Gorgeous WordPress CMS web design

What is a blog? To most people it´s an online two way diary. Post thoughts and get comments.

Wordpress is much more than a simple blog today, with the invention of version 3 of this popular software, Wordpress has becomes the world´s most popular and easiest to use CMS.

With plugins and themes wordpress can now pretty much create and build any sort of website, from a simple brochure site right though to complex membership based websites.

Best of all once it has been developed it is easy to maintain and extend without the need for specialist technical help.

Wordpress is also great at social media and SEO, ensuring you have more hits than ever before.

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Efficient responsive website design

We create great looking websites which work well on any device connected to the internet.

We believe every company is different and your needs online will be unique to you. This approach is central to all the services we offer.

We do not just sell a boxed web design package, we listen to what you want and design a responsive solution that is just right for you and your business.

Bespoke responsive design can often be more cost effective than an off the peg solution, this is because you will receive the site you need, not a design with additional bells and whistles that you will never use.

We can create and design a responsive static html website, full CMS or something inbetween.

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Our new web design home in Dorset

Originally started in Oxfordshire, our company was set up with the express purpose of giving the chance for sole traders and micro businesses to have agency quality website creation and building at a budget they could afford.

We still have a very strong base in Oxfordshire and when we announced our move of our design business to Dorset we were very pleased that most of our clients decided to stay with us, proving if you have the right formula, people and businesses stick with you.

We relocated to Portland (near Weymouth) in Dorset as its an amazing place to live and we are hoping to introduce our very special brand of custom web building and SEO to a whole new audience.

Looking for a full service website design company based in Dorset?

So if you are a business is based in Dorset looking for a local website development company we would love to hear from you.

Make Websites by Mark's brand of cutting edge creation be the focus of your next great business idea. We would also love to hear from you if you need help with an existing site or if your current site is in need of a facelift.